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A small ceremony took place for a plaque to commemorate poet’s heads, unfortunately lost during constuction of the Temple,
which were part of demolished buildings in Mill Road, took place at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple Mandir,
Mill Road, Wellingborough, followed by light refreshment.

Tuesday, May 30th 2017

Replica heads of these poets were on a previous building on this site

Plaque commemorating the names of poets whose ornamental heads were displayed on previous buildings on the Temple site.

Talking about the Mandir

Introduction to the Temple.

Talking about the Mandir

Talking about the plaque.

hanks from Wellingborough Civic Society

Thanks from Wellingborough Civic Society.

Talking about the plaque

Discussing the plaque.

The CWS are next to the plaque

Representatives from Wellingborough Civic Society.

Tea party at the Mandir

Sharing tea together following the ceremony ...

Tea party at the Mandir

... and having a chat.

Wellingborough Civic Society A.G.M.
Followed by a presentation of "Our Civic Year"
Thursday, May 18th 2017

Reading the Minutes

Meeting in progress...

Reading the Minutes

Reading the Minutes

Presenting a Plant

Grateful thanks to Tracy for all the help she has given to the Society.


Thursday, April 20th 2017

the snack

Thursday 20th April 2017 St. George Celebration!

the Mayor and Mayoress

The Dulley Room was warm and inviting, flags of St. George decorated ceiling, walls and tables, tasty light snacks and fruit juice were arrayed, chairs strategically placed, raffle prizes stood to attention, the Mayor and Mayoress, Councillors Malcolm and Veronica Waters had arrived, the atmosphere positively buzzing with expectation for the arrival of ‘Hemlock Morris’.


‘Hemlock Morris’ had promised an evening of Morris Dancing with a unique difference, we had been invited to “Dance into the Dark with alternative morris for a new generation!” the dances traditional, but not the side and all in the Dulley Room were intensely looking forward to the experience.


With a sharp bang the doors to the Dulley Room burst open and a young man appeared, carrying a stick, dressed in black, wearing a black hat tall with feathers, bells ringing face streaked with black stripes giving us promise of delights to come.


The next entrant was dressed in a coat covered in bright cloth all colours of the rainbow with two red spots painted on his face who also wore a hat, resplendent with bells who once again mysteriously promised delights to come and then the full side appeared.

the Mayor and Mayoress

First came musicians playing various instruments including an unusual large drum that struck the beat followed by enthusiastic young dancers men dressed in black ladies in black and purple wearing superb costumes, bells on legs and boots, hats each decorated with feathers and fresh flowers, faces streaked in black who performed traditional morris each dance enthused with great fire, energy and conviction.
Wow! The entire experience was breathtaking, a welcome indeed to the darkside!”

Waiting for the fish

Whilst dancing was underway our meal arrived from Gold Street Fish Bar and following photographs, the Mayor and Mayoress, guests, together with Hemlock Morris sat down to enjoy the tasty supper after which the Mayor stood to give the loyal toast.


The raffle was drawn following the loyal toast; amongst the prizes were two beer vouchers donated by Rob Hart from Hart Family Brewery Nene Court, Wellingborough to whom we extend thanks for continued support of this event.

An enormous THANK YOU is extended to everyone who joined us for this special evening of stunning, breathtaking alternative morris, appetising food and congenial company.

the snack

Come and join us on our St. George Day Celebration in the company of His Worship Mayor of the Borough of Wellingborough Councillor Waters.
Enjoy a Fish and Chip Supper.
Delight in entertainment from Hemlock Morris of Bedford - Morris Dancing with a unique difference and together we can "Dance into the Dark with alternative morris dancing for a new generation!"
This should be an evening full of fun, laughter and entertainment: something definitely not to be missed!

Tickets can be obtained from Wellingborough Museum at cost of £5

20 April 2017


Thursday, March 16th 2017

Alan Mayes

Alan Mayes from Campaign to Protect Rural England explained the work of this organisation, values of which resound strongly with those of Wellingborough Civic Society and are aptly described by CPRE in a direct quote from their web site:
“we campaign for a beautiful and living countryside. We work to protect, promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy, and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations”

16 February 2017

16 February 2017

Campaign to Protect Rural England


Thursday, February 16th 2017

Wellingborough Civic Society welcomed a very enthusiastic Adrian McGlynn company secretary of Weatherbys. Weatherbys, a name synonymous with horses and racing established in the 1700’s, a family owned company where current members of the Weatherby family can still be found. The company has been in the town since the late 1960’s following the move of its headquarters from London to Wellingborough; located, for a brief period on the Dennington Estate and then in 1970 to new premises in Sanders Road opened by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and honoured by subsequent royal visitors throughout the intervening years.

Adrian McGlynn

We heard of horse origins from pre historic times, of the ‘Thoroughbred’ which came into being in the 17th century, a creation entirely engineered and developed by ‘mankind’ and what an absolutely beautiful, wonderful animal a thoroughbred race horse actually is. Adrian explained how much horses enjoy racing but also stressed the hard work experienced whilst racing; the breath-taking athletic, awe inspiring performance seen on a race course in combination with beautiful sleek autocratic lines belies the enormous effort to their physical body; the role undertaken by both trainer and jockey to make this tremendous effort easier through excellence of diet, exercise, care, attention, in concert with meticulous training, indeed mirroring the path of our human athletes.
We were shown a copy of the original stud book written by the original James Weatherby, a very slim volume indeed in comparison with the present and heard of their role administering all horse racing, now under contract from the British Horseracing Authority in addition to registering all thoroughbred horses in Britain and Ireland. In a determined effort to ensure these beautiful, awesome athletes have appropriate names which do not mock or derogate, each name is individually examined by Weatherbys and only after this included in the stud book, no small task. Weatherbys customers are worldwide and many plan their tourist itinerary to include Sanders Road alongside the country’s top tourist spots!

Adrian McGlynn

This excellent talk, given to an audience holding very little prior knowledge of either racing or horses which included no external aides apart from two stud books, three race cards, a set of racing silks and a photograph of the winning horse and jockey in the 1991 Grand National, left all in the Dulley Room with a firm understanding of not only work undertaken by Weatherbys and horse racing but those stunning, awesome breath taking athletes the thoroughbred horses themselves without which neither the racing industry or Weatherbys themselves could operate.
Wellingborough is known both country and worldwide through Weatherbys and we are extremely fortunate to have them within our local business community.

Come and listen to Adrian explain how horse racing developed , of the company synonymous with both horses and racing, whose headquarters have been located on Sanders Road, Wellingborough for many years and are a much valued, long standing part of our town community.

16 February 2017

A very warm welcome is extended to both members and visitors where the talk will be both interesting and informative followed by tea or coffee. The addition of biscuits gives positive encouragement to the time honoured practice of ‘dunking’!

Members £1.00
Non-Members £2.00


Thursday, January 19th 2017

Our first meeting of 2017 takes place on Thursday 19th January at 7.30pm in the Dulley Room
at Wellingborough Museum where Robert Wharton will once more captivate us all with his very popular talk on ‘Wellingborough Now and Then’.

19 January 2017

An evening definitely not to be missed. Wellingborough Civic Society looks forward to warmly welcoming members, guests and visitors to the evening for this fascinating trip to bygone Wellingborough in photograph and memory. So ‘all aboard’, ‘hold tight’ and be prepared to enjoy a fascinating journey through our collective memories of Wellingborough.
We look forward to meeting you!


Thursday, November 17th 2016

Wellingborough Civic Society warmly welcomes visitors and friends to what should prove to be a fascinating, thought-provoking talk given by Janice Harper about the lost village of Faxton and the lost church of St. Denys on Thursday November 17th 2016 in The Dulley Room at Wellingborough Museum.


Faxton, was a village situated between Old and Mawsley, with long ago footprints in the Saxon period, mentioned in the Domesday Book and last inhabited in the 1960’s. In the decades which followed visual evidence of the village could still be seen, first with tumbledown buildings and church but, over the ensuing years diminished to rubble, stones and now uneven mounds in the ground.

The site can be visited via public footpath from Mill Lane, Old.
We invite you to come and listen to this talk which will once more help to weave or even embroider, yet another portion into the metaphorical historic tapestry of our own county, Northamptonshire!
The talk will be followed as usual, by refreshing tea and biscuits where ‘dunking’ is positively encouraged.

£1 Members
£2 Non-Members.



The following talk is presented on behalf of Wellingborough Museum

Come and listen to Pauline Genu give a first-hand account of this little-known event in our local history.
This interesting and informative evening will take place in the Dulley Room at Wellingborough Museum on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016, at 7.30 PM. The event is free.

Museum Meeting


Sullgrave Manor

On Thursday, October 20th Wellingborough Civic Society welcomes Martin Sirot-Smith who will give a talk about Sulgrave Manor situated in the south of Northamptonshire.
The manor has an American connection through George Washington who was instrumental in the American Declaration of Independence and the first president of the United States. Sulgrave was the home of his ancestors.

Come and listen to Martin, learn the history of Sulgrave Manor, enjoy tea and biscuits in the Dulley Room where a warm welcome is extended to both members and visitors.

Wellingborough Civic Society held two meetings in September.
Both will take place as usual in the Dulley Room at Wellingborough Museum, Thursday, September 15th our monthly social meeting for which there will be an admission charge of £1 members and £2 non-members, but the evening 22nd September with Peter Bone, MP will be free from charge.

Please consider attending. These meetings should be extremely interesting. Come and listen to our speakers.
Enjoy a companionable cup of tea or coffee when the talk has finished.
We look forward to meeting you!

Thursday, September 15th
John Campbell will speak on ‘His role as Chief Executive of the Borough Council’

Thursday, September 22nd
Peter Bone, MP will speak on ’Localism Five Years On’

Monday August 29th 2016, Bank Holiday
Knuston Hall Open Day, between 11am and 4pm

Wellingborough Civic Society was to have a small exhibition at Knuston Hall Open Day, however due to circumstances beyond our control the society are unable to attend.
Why not visit Knuston Hall anyway? Take time to look at crafts on display, speak to course tutors and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of house and gardens. Knuston Hall is situated between Irchester and Rushden on the B569. Leave Irchester via Station Road in the direction of Rushden and the hall is on the right hand side.

Knuston Hall has been owned or leased by various well known families since its building in 1086. Over the years families such as the Brudenells, dsfrom Dene Hall, north of Corby, the Sartoris family from Rushden, the Arkwright family, inventors of the Spinning Frame (not the spinning jenny) and in the 1920's Mr C.A.K Green, shoe manufacturer Green and sons latterly Grensons, from Rushden. H.E. Bates the Rushden author is said to have based his novel 'Spella Ho' around the Hall itself. Wellingborough Civic Society worked very hard to gain a Grade 2 listing for this property which was previously unlisted. This was completed in January 2008, which gave Knuston Hall the protection it deserves, ensuring part of our local heritage for present and future generations to visit and enjoy.

The open day itself sounds extremely interesting and includes a display of leisure courses on offer at Knuston Hall throughout the year. It gives visitors the opportunity to speak directly to tutors who run the courses and see exactly what is involved. It also provides opportunity to see the house and gardens. The house holds a wealth of impressive architectural features which span many centuries, surrounded by beautiful lawns and gardens which complement the building.